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This is me…

I am a Dutch psychology student from Groningen. I have always been interested in human behavior, the mind and everything that comes with it. A few years ago I decided to turn this interest into my work. My aspiration is to work as a Healthcare-psychologist (GZ-psycholoog), treating individuals with complex and serious mental disorders.

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Martial arts and living healthier…

Besides psychology I am very interested in how to be more functional, productive and how to be healthier and stronger by the way of creating great habits and excercising effectively. I have been doing MMA and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for many years now. I also find this aspect of my life relevant to share, since many comparisons can be made between getting good at martial arts and doing good in life.

Teaching and becoming an educator…

I’m still learning something new every week about how we function as individuals, groups and organisms. I am not an expert today, as much as I want to be. I am still learning; but most of all I am very curious. What I want for us is to learn and get better together. But since I’m still learning, one thing is extremely important; everything that I share and make videos and articles about, will be about theories, thoughts and literature that I have read and thought about long and carefully. The aim here is to give more reach to good, interesting and important ideas in a way that the viewer will understand, and to bring some entertainment to information that can easily get too boring and difficult.

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